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Real Estate Law

Whether you need help drafting a deed, filing a lien or security interest, or fighting foreclosure; the Walls Law Firm is here to help. If you are buying or selling a house you should contact us to help ensure your rights and interests are protected prior to signing a purchase sale agreement.  We offer several low cost flat fee real estate services. To get started, schedule a consultation. Some of the real estate law cases we handle are:


  • Purchase Sale Agreements

    • drafting of purchase sale agreements

    • review of purchase sale agreements

    • negotiation of purchase sale agreements

  • ​Liens

    • ​Drafting of Notice of Lien

    • Review of Liens

    • Filing of Notice of Liens

  • ​Quitclaim Deeds

    • Drafting of quitclaim deeds

    • Review of quitcliam deeds

    • Filing of quitclaim deeds

  • Warrenty Deeds

    • Drafting of warranty deeds

    • Review of warranty deeds

    • Filing of warranty deeds


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