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Our Advantage

We are not your typical law firm. Our Memphis attorney is dedicated to utilizing creative problem solving to provide our clients caring and compassionate legal representation. We offer affordable flat fees and flexible payment plans.  In addition, we are able to meet with you in person in our office, by telephone, or by video conference.  You get to choose which method is more convenient for you!

With us, you truly get the best of both worlds!

Your Perfect Lawyer

Traditionally if you wanted to obtain legal services and legal documents, you had to do either of the following:

  • retain a full-service lawyer and pay expensive, up-front costs and hourly fees, or

  • purchase forms from a non-lawyer document preparation or legal forms company and hope that you are doing the right thing for your particular situation.


Now there is a better way!  We utilize the best features from the above two choices to provide caring and compassionate affordable legal services throughout the State of Tennessee. 

Why Choose Us?


  • Caring and Compassionate: We are dedicated to utilizing law as a helping and healing profession by bringing compassion and understanding into our law practice to help creatively resolve our clients’ legal concerns.  We approach the representation of our clients from an interdisciplinary perspective that focuses on the law’s impact on the emotional, psychological, and financial health of our clients and their families. Thus, when you entrust our attorney with your legal matter, you can count on being treated with care and compassion. 


  • Affordable Flat Fees: We offer our legal services for affordable flat fees, so you never have to worry about receiving a costly attorney bill.


  • Flexible Payment Plans: We offer flexible payment plans, tailored to fit various budgets.


  •  In-Person, Telephone, or Video Conference: We offer our clients and prospective clients the options of meeting with us in person in our office, by telephone conference, and video conference. 


  • Real Legal Services from a Real Licensed TN Attorney: A non-lawyer forms website is not a licensed attorney and cannot provide you true legal services, such as legal advice. When you purchase our affordable legal services, we provide you with true legal guidance from a licensed Tennessee attorney, without requiring you to pay an expensive retainer fee that traditional law firms usually require up-front.  With us, you truly get the best of both worlds!



We are different from a legal forms website because:

  • We are able to provide a unique legal strategy for your unique situation.  We are able to evaluate your unique situation and develop a legal strategy catered to address your specific concerns and goals that takes into consideration the law's impact on the emotional, psychological, and financial health of our clients and their families.

  • We offer real legal services from a licensed Tennessee attorney.   If you go to a non-lawyer document preparation service, they cannot offer you any legal advice .  Unlike document preparation companies, all of our legal documents come with legal advice and are drafted by a knowledgeable licensed Tennessee attorney; hence, you can feel assured knowing that you are purchasing documents that are tailored to accomplish your specific legal goals.

  • As lawyers, we must keep any communications between us confidential, and we are required to avoid any conflicts of interest. We use the SSL protocol, which is the most secure method of transmitting information over the Internet. You can be assured that our services are trustworthy, private, and secure.

  • We must comply with all of the Professional Rules that apply to members of the Tennessee Bar. The services that we provide are regulated by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility. A legal forms web site offered by a non-law firm is not regulated in any way. If there is a problem, you have no recourse.

  • We comply with the American Bar Association's "Best Practice" Guidelines. The American Bar Association House of Delegates recently approved "Best Practices" Guidelines for Legal Information web sites.  These guidelines also apply to law firms.  They serve as recommendations for how legal information web sites should publish legal information for use by the general public in order to increase the reliability and quality of the legal information and services provided. We support these guidelines and attempt to surpass them whenever we can. 


  • We offer therapeutic legal representation. When developing and implementing legal strategies to address our clients concerns, we take into consideration the law’s impact on the emotional, psychological, and financial health of our clients and their families. 

  • We offer virtual and in office legal services. We can communicate with you securely over the Internet using our secure client portal.  You also have the ability to communicate with us by email or telephone, and meet with us in person, by phone, or video.  By providing our legal services online, we are able to keep our fees low and make obtaining legal services more convenient for you.  When you purchase our legal services, you have the ability to send us an e-mail or complete our online questionnaires using our secure client portal at a time that is convenient for YOU. 

  • We do not impose a costly retainer or up-front fees. You buy only the legal services that you need for an affordable flat fee.  

  • We offer payment plans.  We understand that everyone's budget will not allow them to pay their entire attorney fee up front.   That is why in addition to affordable flat fees, we offer flexible payment plans.

  • You know what you will pay. No hourly rates or hidden charges - just a simple fixed and reasonable fee.

  • We offer convenience. We offer our clients the convenience of meeting with us in person in our office, by telephone, and by video conference.  We also offer our clients the ability to complete their intake questionnaires online.


We are different from traditional law firm because:

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