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Many family law cases, such as divorces and adoptions, are more than just the filing of legal documents, they are major life changes. As the relationships in your life become redefined, there will be many things to think about.  The decisions that you make during your legal proceedings will have a major impact on the rest of your life. In situations like this, having an attorney to be your advocate and protect your best interests can be invaluable in reducing your stress, lowering your costs, and assuring that the outcome is fair and reasonable.  At the Walls Law Firm, we handle the process so that you can concentrate on moving on with your life.


We strive to get you a fair result. For example, a fair result means that your assets are fairly divided, support is set at the right amount based upon all relevant facts and your relationship with your children is preserved. Ideally, these results can be negotiated, but if the other side is unreasonable, we are tough, experienced advocates who know how to work within the legal system to get you what you need.


Also, we try to keep your legal costs as reasonable as possible by doing things right the first time and considering at all times whether the results will justify the dollars you spend.


We understand how unique and delicate family situations can be, thus we make it our top priority to resolve family disputes as quickly as possible in a manner that puts the best interests of the children first, facilitates understanding, and repairs relationships.  In addition to flexible payment plans, we offer our family law services for an affordable flat fee. You have the option of paying in full upfront or applying for legal fee financing and choosing a payment plan that fits your budget.  We offer the following family law services:

We value your family

  • Adoption

    • ​Step parent adoption

    • Relative adoption

  • Alimony/ Spousal Support

    • ​Establishment of spousal support order

    • Enforcement of spousal support order

    • Modification of spousal support order

  • Child Custody

    • ​Establishment of child custody order

    • Enforcement of child custody order

    • Modification fo child custody order

  • Child Support

    • ​Establishment of child support order

    • Enforcement of child support orders

    • Modification of child support orders

  • Child Visitation

    • ​Establishment of child visitation order

    • Enforcement of child visitation order

    • Modification of child visitation order

  • Divorce

    • ​Uncontested Divorce

    • Contested Divorce

  • Domestic Relations Agreements

  • Legal Separation

    • ​Uncontested Legal Separation

    • Contested Legal Separation

  • Name Change

  • Paternity

    • ​Establishment of paternity

    • Disestablishment of paternity​

Click the link below to get a family law planning session with our Memphis family law attorney.  During your family law planning session, our Memphis family law attorney will review your situation and provide you with a family law game plan to help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

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