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This Uncontested Divorce package is designed for the person who does have children and joint assets and/or joint debts with their spouse. 

To qualify for an uncontested divorce package, both spouses must meet all of the following five requirements:
1. Agree to be divorced,
2. Reach an agreement on all issues (including spousal support/ alimony, child custody, visitation, support, division of real property, assets, and debts),
3. Utilize only one attorney (representing one party),
4. Voluntarily sign all papers without service on any party, and
5. Have assets valued less than $500,000.

Divorce Packages do not include filing fees or expenses. All Attorney fees, filing fees, and expenses must be paid before the Petition will be filed. The electronic Filing Fee for a couple without children is $311.09. The electronic Filing fee for a couple with children is $387.96. Attorney fees are deemed earned upon receipt.

Uncontested Divorce WTH kids WTH joint debt/assets

$2,250.00 Regular Price
$1,100.00Sale Price
  • When you purchase this package, here's what you get:
    •We begin with a 30 minute confidential phone consultation with our knowledgeable divorce attorney to answer your legal questions and offer you legal advice;
    •We prepare your Complaint for Absolute Divorce;
    •We prepare your Confidential Information Sheet;
    •We prepare your mandatory Restraining Order for Divorcing Spouses;
    •We prepare your mandatory Health Insurance Notice;
    •We prepare your Tennessee Spouses Information form;
    •We prepare your Martial Dissolution Agreement;
    •We prepare an Answer and Waiver for your spouse;
    •We prepare your Permanent Parenting Plan;
    •We prepare your Child Support Worksheet;
    •We prepare your Final Decree of Divorce;
    •We file your uncontested divorce paperwork;
    •We obtain a final hearing date for your uncontested divorce;
    •We prepare your Shelby County Court Cost Assessment Form;
    •We prepare your Shelby County Confidential Information Form;
    •We prepare your Tennessee Department of Health Divorce Form;
    •We prepare your Divorce Certificate;
    •We represent you during your uncontested divorce hearing; and
    •We email you and your spouse a copy of your Final Decree of Divorce.
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