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Sports and Entertainment Law

Whether you need help negotiating a deal, drafting a band agreement, or interpreting a contract; Nakeshia Walls is your perfect lawyer.  The Walls Law Firm can assist you in all facets of sports and entertainment law.   Whether you are an artist,  actor, vocalist, musician, writer, athlete, manager, agent, producer, director, or production company, we are here to help.  Some of the sports and entertainment law services we offer are:

• Contract review
• Contract negotiation
• Contract drafting
• Service agreements
• Performance agreements
• Literary publishing agreements
• Collaboration agreements
• Non-disclosure agreements
• Screenplay option agreements
• Screenplay purchase agreements
• Talent/Actor agreements
• Manager agreements
• Agent agreements
• Producer agreements
• Copyright registration
• Trademark registration
• Trademark contract
• Publicity rights
• Libel/ slander litigation
• Manuscript vetting

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