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Don't worry! 

We offer our clients affordable flat fees

and flexible payment plans.

Are you unable to pay your full attorney fee up front? 



Our Payment Plans



For many people, hiring a lawyer is out of their budget because most lawyers charge a “retainer” up front and then an hourly rate. There are two problems with this system. First, the retainer is often substantial. Second, there is no way to know up front what the final cost of the legal services will be. After the retainer is paid and the case begins, the lawyer sends a statement each month detailing the work done on the case and deducting the fees from the retainer. When the retainer is depleted, the lawyer then asks for additional money. This goes on until the case is closed. One month the bill might be small; the next month substantial. There is no way to know in advance because it all depends upon the time the lawyer put into the case that month.


At the Walls Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life obtain the legal help they need.  That is why we offer affordable flat fees and flexible payment plans for the majority of our legal services.  We charge a flat fee for almost every case we handle, so you know up front what your case will cost. The flat fee structure is based on the complexity of your case so that you don’t get charged for a complicated legal case when yours is simple.


When you choose to take advantage of our payment plans, we will look at your budget and arrange biweekly payments for you to make until the cost of your legal services are paid in full.  There is a $35 payment plan fee and no interest will be charged if you pay in full within 90 days.  You will be required to make a down payment ranging from 20% - 25% of your total legal fees (attorney fee, initial court filing fee, expenses).  The payment plan terms range from 6 months until 12 months.  You get to choose the payment plan that works best for you.  The payments are automatically drafted from your bank account, debit card, or credit card on file. The biweekly payments start as low as $50.  Click the button below to complete the payment plan application to see if you prequalify for a payment plan.  If you do not prequalify for a payment plan, we may still be able to offer you a payment plan when you meet with us for your Planning Session.

Click the button below to see if you prequalify

for one of our payment plans!

How do the payment plans work?


During your Legal Planning Session, our attorney will work with you to setup a biweekly payment that you can afford.  The biweekly payments will be made until your attorney fee is paid in full.


 In order to keep our attorney fees affordable we attempt to reduce the need of collection costs.  Thus you must qualify for a payment plan.  The qualification process entails providing our office a government issued photo identification,  proof of your income, and a copy of a recent bank statement.  After our attorney has reviewed your bank statment and proof of income, she will work with you to come up with an affordable biweekly payment that takes your monthly expenses into account. The biweekly payment will be automatically drafted from your bank account, credit or debit card on file until your attorney fee is paid in full.  Please note that your legal documents will not be drafted until half of the attorney fee has been paid.   Your case will not be finalized until all attorney fees have been paid in full.

Do I have to have good credit to qualify for a payment plan?


A good credit score is not necessary to qualify for one of our payment plans.   Our decision to offer you a payment plan is based on your ability to pay, not your credit score.  

What are the requirements for the payment plans?


To see if you qualify for a payment plan, you will need to  provide our office a copy of a government issued photo id, a debit or credit card, most recent bank statement, and proof of income that demonstrates your ability to pay during your Legal Planning Session.  Our attorney will review your bank statement and proof of income to determine whether or not you have the ability to pay.  Most people who have a steady source of income and do not have several overdrafts on their bank statement will qualify for a payment plan. Having someone cosign and guarantee your payments will help increase your chances of qualifying for a payment plan if you do not have sufficient income or have several overdrafts on your bank statement.  In order to keep our attorney fees affordable, we try our best to avoid collection fees.  Thus, we are only able to offer payment plans to persons who demonstrate an ability to pay.  Hence, everyone will not qualify for a payment plan.  

What is the interest for the payment plans?


There is no interest if your payment plan is paid in full within the first 90 days.  The interest rate ranges from 9% to 15% and is dependent upon the length of the payment plan you choose.  There is also an inital $35 payment plan processing fee.   The initial payment plan processing fee and interest is typically much cheaper than the interest and fees you would incur if you where to fianance your legal services through another personal loan company.

Do I have to pay anything up front when I sign up for a payment plan?


Yes, you must pay the Legal Planning Session fee upfront as your payment plan will be decided upon during your Legal Planning Session.  What you pay for the Legal Planning Session fee will be credited to the overall cost of your attorney fees.  This makes the  Legal Planning Session free in effect!  Also, most of our payment plans require a down payment of 20% - 25% of the total cost of your legal services.

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