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Every dispute can be mediated!

Whether you are going through a divorce, have been injured in an accident, or are being sued; you can resolve your dispute through mediation. Mediation is an informal process in which an impartial third person, also known as a mediator, helps disputing parties reach mutually acceptable solutions to the issues that are causing conflict between them.  


Attorney Nakeshia Walls is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator for family and general civil matters with special training in domestic violence.  This means that she has met strict education, work, and training requirements that qualifies her to assist you with resolving your legal matter with dignity.  During mediation, the mediator does not decide how the dispute will be resolved, as a judge or arbitrator would.  Instead the mediator facilitates a cooperative environment, guides the parties' discussion of the issues, and utilize creative problem solving to help the parties list options for resolving their dispute.  When an agreement is reached, the mediator reduces it to writing. After everyone signs it, the mediated agreement becomes a legally binding and can only be set aside in rare circumstances, such as where the other party misrepresented something important. 

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