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Tennessee Divorce Planning Session

If you are contemplating divorce or have made the decision to get divorced,

the first thing you should do is schedule a  Divorce Planning Session with our Memphis, Tennessee divorce attorney.  

What is a Divorce Planning Session?

A Divorce Planning Session is a meeting with our attorney aimed at developing a divorce plan that works best for you and your family. During your Tennessee Divorce Planning Session, our Tennessee divorce attorney will answer your divorce questions, provide you with legal information, and give you an overview of what to anticipate in regards to the divorce process, matters pertaining to the minor children of the marriage, division of your assets and liabilities, child support, spousal support, attorney fees, and court costs and expenses.   If you decide to purchase our  divorce services at the end of your divorce planning session, our Memphis Divorce attorney will also work with you to develop an affordable payment schedule that considers your income and personal budget. 

How much does a Divorce Planning Session Cost?

The fee for the Divorce Planning Session is $100.  If you decide to retain our attorney during your Divorce Planning Session, your planning session fee will be credited to the overall cost of your attorney fees, making your divorce consultation free in effect.

What if I am not located in Memphis?

Our law office is located in Memphis, Tennessee, but serves all of Tennessee. If you are not located in Memphis, our Tennessee divorce attorney will be happy to meet with you via phone or video conference to conduct your Divorce Consulation.  Please note that you will need access to internet if you schedule a divorce consultation by phone or video conference.

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